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Separation Technology

Heavy Fraction Separator HFS 1200

For the processing of domestic and commercial waste, heavy-duty shredders are applied that process the waste in fractions for cost-effective separation and/or incineration. This processing, however, can be affected by extraneous material of unknown size, amount and condition. In order to protect final shredders against damages, the “Heavy Fraction Separator HFS 1200” has been developed – it separates extraneous material from the waste and feeds it for separate processing.

The HFS 1200 offers minimization of maintenance cost, optimization of product quality, increased availability and therefore an overall cost-effective operation of the plant. The Heavy Fraction Separator HFS 1200 is offered exclusively in combination with Lindner shredders.

RDF System

Technical Components

Throughput capacity up to 20 t/h

  • Feeding conveyor BC1200
  • Heavy parts separating box (incl. supply air fan)
  • Vibrating chute (discharge heavy particles)
  • Discharge conveyor BC1200 and air settling chamber
  • air exhaust system from air settling chamber
  • Maintenance and servicing platform (optional)

Key Features

  • optimally adapted to Lindner Shredders
  • robust, reliable, durable
  • user- and maintenance friendly
  • high yield from optimal output