• RDF compact system
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Two-stage shredding system

The two-stage shredding system is mainly applied for processing of domestic, industrial and commercial waste for the production of solid recovered fuel (SRF) in large scale industry (cement-, steel industry) and in power stations.

For this purpose, a multi-level shredding process is required:

  • Primary shredding of mostly untreated waste
  • FE-separation by means of over-belt magnet
  • Separation of heavy fraction components [Link zu Trenntechnik]
  • Secondary shredding
  • Conveyor technology
RDF System

Key Features

  • Lindner intelligent modular design – flexibly adaptable
  • robust, reliable, durable
  • user- and maintenance friendly
  • energy-saving operations
  • intelligent control system
  • high yield from optimal output
  • low shredding cost per ton


  • domestic and bulky waste
  • commercial and industrial waste
  • mixed construction waste
  • tires, etc.