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    Limator 1200

    Impact Crusher for Processing of Substrates for Biogas Plants

    The Limator is a versatile modular impact crusher to break up renewable resources, waste and foods for Biogas Plants. The substrates charged are broken up by the movable crusher plates and the crusher tools, as well as the momentum of the rotating substrates. This system accomplishes gentle, yet maximum possible break-up of substrates and therefore a high gas yield.

    The Limator can be operated continuously or in batch processing mode. Optionally it can be fitted with a double-wall crusher bin that way, substrates can easily be pre-heated or cooled.

    Technical Data

    Limator 1200

    Dimensions and Weights

    Overall dimensions2669 x 1610 x 2518 mm
    Intake openingmax. diameter 1020 mm
    Crusher bin (D x H)1200 x 1200 mm
    Total weight5,5 t

    Drive system

    Drive power75 kW / 90 kW
    Rotor speed600 - 1000 U/min
    Throughput capacity*3 to 20 t/h

    *Throughput depends on substrate and mode of operation (continuous or batch processing)


    • Increase of gas yield by improved pulping of substrate
    • Extended range of substrates can be processed because of improved pulping
    • Lower stirring times result in lower energy consumption
    • Extensive prevention of floating layers
    • Shorter pauses and therefore shorter fermentation times
    • Increase of substrate throughput without change of plant technology
    • Stabilized processing in fermentation tank by more homogenous substrate feed
    • Fewer additives for fermentation process required
    • Reduction resp. prevention of floor residue in fermentation tank
    • Improved handling of digestate in fermentation tank and at discharge
    • Possibility of pre-heating and cooling of substrate


    • Renewable Resources and Bio-Energy Crops
    • Maize- and Grass-Silage
    • Roots and Bulbs
    • Green Waste and Feed Remains
    • Straw und Foliage
    • Landscaping Material
    • Manure from Livestock Farming
    • Expired Food
    • Slaughterhouse Waste
    • Liquid Manure and Chicken Droppings